As a world unique Infra-red BtB-Farming QIR(Quartz Infra Red) lamp brooder manufacturer with various innovative Agricultural facilities, experience in technical research and development.
ZHULIN INC boasts of innovative animal Breeding facility for swine and poultry, as well as superior quality, fair price and on-time delivery, look no further.

History :

2006.02 Established Shanghai Ryu-Arm Trading.
2006.09 Launched BtB-Farming Brooder Lamp for Domestic China Faming Market.
2009.01 Established Zhulin (Shanghai) Technology Co.,Ltd.
2009.11 Approved CE Mark
2010.01 Approved CSA and UL Mark from Met korea (Canada, USA)
2017.03 Zhulin Inc In California USA open
2023.08 Mexico Monteray Sooa Inc Manufacturer open
Zhulin Inc has been participating in the world wide fair every year.

Primary Competitive Advantage:

As the only halogen heat lamp manufacturer in the world, Ryu-Arm infrared lamps boast of high biological, ultimate thermal efficiency and hypodermic saturation effects on organic bodies and livestock (pig, cattle, deer, poultry, etc.). This enables efficient heat diffusion into the whole body by promoting blood circulation. Infrared lamp improves food digestion efficiency, stimulates appetite and assists in fast recovery from diseases. It also minimizes loss of livestock by changing their habit of huddling together and helps in keeping the cage surface dry for a clean environment. Also promotes sterilization and drying and is ideal for home & medical use.

Product Range:

Various types of Infrared halogen heat lamp
Various types of far-infrared halogen heat lamp
Various types of heat mat
Water cup
Stainless steel hog feeder

World wide Market :

China, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Australia, USA, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Poland, France, United Kingdom, Denmark, Nederland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Egypt, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, etc

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