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Life Span

BtB-Farming far/infrared lamp is a specially designed high quality heat lamp that Absorbs maximum visible rays to radiate far/infrared rays in mid or short wave. Infrared lamp provides long life of up to 10,000hrs, does not blow up when it come in contact with cold water (spraying liquid disinfection) in radiating condition(lighting) Choice The Right : Long lamp life enables less maintenance fee and low overall cost.

Energy-Effective Design

Energy Saving over 40% : Evenly distributed whole heat energy to virtually eliminated heat waste and built up. Adapters ensure easy use of lamps in traditional fixtures.
Energy saving 40-45% : Bulb

Biological Effects

BtB infrared lamp, a high biological effected one, has ultimated abilities in thermal efficiency and hyperdemic satulation on organic bodies which enables heat diffusion into whole body by high blood circulation. Main frame constructed from aluminum and stainless steel. Infrared bulb is coated to make bulbs shock-resistance and water-resistance. 10,000-hour lamp life and incomparable durability make lamps perfect for pig and poultry.

Certificate :

BtB far/Infrared lamp with CSA, UL and CE approval is specially designed high-quality heat lamp that absorbs maximum visible rays to radiate far/infrared rays into a mid or short wave rays.
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