Incandscent halogen lamp

General Characteristics of Halogen Lamps Energy-Saving Replacement for Red/Ceramic Coated Halogen Lamps

High Efficiency:

The lamp is made of quartz glass. The compact lamp supplies a highly luminious output per wattage. The Halogen cycle minimizes the degeneration of tungsten filament.

Long life:

The halogen cycle guarantees extremely long lamp-life. Service life is about twice that of ordinaly incandescent lamps.


The long life of halogen lamps allows for further reduction in maintenance and related expenses

Stable color temperature:

The halogen cycle – a chemical reaction in which evaporated tungsten particles are returned to the filament- blackening of the bulb wall and thinning of the tungsten filament are kept to a minimum. Light intensity and color temperature remain stable throughout the life of the bulb.

Compact design:

The ceramic cap containing a contact button is connected via a molybdenum foil seal to a tungstan filament enclosed hermetically within a transparent quartz glass envelope. The filament is operating at a temperature of about 3000K in an atmosphere of inert gases like krypton,argon and nitrogen as well as added halogen like iodine or bromine.

Halogen cycle:

Tungsten atoms which leave the surface of the hot filament will chemically combine with the halogen to form halides. These halides will attack the glass bulb and will not condense there as long as the temperature of the bulb is above 250C In the convection current of hot gases the halides will come back into the high temperature zone around the filament, where the halide molecule will dissociate. The tungsten atom will beredeposited on the filament and the free halogens are then readily available for another reaction with evaporated tungsten.This process, called halogen cycle, effectively prevents blackening of the bulb wall and thinning of the filament’s tungsten, thus resulting in longer lamp-life.

Light Beam:

Rectangular formed beams of an incandescent lamp easily covers a wide area by the proper type of reflector.

Precaution in handling halogen lamp:

  • Do not touch the quartz envelope with bare fingers. If touching the lamp is necessary during installation, clean the envelope with alcohol and dry with a clean soft cloth. Contamination of the quartz envelope may reduce lamp performance.
  • Keep the lamp seal temperature below 300 deg C
  • Keep the lamp wall temperature above 200 deg C to attain full function of the halogen cycle.
  • Keep the lamp free from impact while it is on as this may deform the filament and shorten the lamp life.

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